This sleepy little town is located in Luxembourg, off a single track line (with catenary)from Bruxelles (Midi) to Stuttgart-Mittlestadt.

This single track is shown on the extreme right, going towards Stuttgart at a rather steep incline. The other way it goes to Brussels, but will pass the mine at Erstein (see The Mine at Erstein).

The farther branch lead to the top of the coaling station.

The 2 tracks in the foreground are a loop connecting to the line going to Bruxelles.

Passenger service is only to Bruxelles (Midi) where it is necessary for passenger to connect for other destinations. This service is by local trains: a SNCB class 64 with period III coaches (shown in this photo) and a SNCB class 600 diesel railcar.

Freight is collected daily by a SNCB class 81 (ex BR55/P8), to and from Bruxelles-Nord.